Monday, June 27, 2011

I Won!

...No, not a KU meet and greet, but a Jake Owen one! Not a bad start to the tour...Vicky and I BOTH get to meet him in Hershey, Pennsylvania...lets hope a KU meet and greet follows!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BSE Sign-Ups Begin!

This morning at 12am central time the backstage experience sign ups began for the set of Keith concerts that I'm going to. Unfortunately I was in the airport in Vegas when the BSEs began. THANK GOODNESS Tiffany and KJ got me a sick iPhone4 for graduation so I was able to sign up from my phone. All this week I'll have to stay up until at least 1 am to apply..lets hope I get at least one BSE out of 8!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kissing a Star

This week while in Nashville I made sure I stopped by Keith's latest pride and joy: his star on the Music City Walk of Fame. Naturally, I not only wanted my picture with the star, but also a picture of me kissing the star exactly where he had kissed it...meaning in a very round about way, I sorta kinda kissed Keith <3

Theme Park Tour

Check out this clip of Keith discussing the theme of his "Get Closer Tour." It seems Keith was inspired by his hit, "Long Hot Summer" and is setting the stage up to look like a carnival with a roller coaster and ferris wheel. It also looks like he's REALLY getting closer to the audience in his mini stage in the middle of the stadium...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Don't Think I Can't Love You..

Here's a clip from the CMA Music Festival 2012 of Keith and his tour opener, Jake Owen, singing Jake's hit, "Don't Think I Can't Love You." Simply priceless...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keith KILLED IT at CMA Fest 2011

Last night Keith performed at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and I'm proud to say I was there to witness his masterpiece. The only unfortunate part about the entire extravaganza was that Reba was unable to play until AFTER Keith, meaning he wasn't able to close the show...such a disappointment.

Keith hit the stage around 11 o'clock starting off with a very energetic rendition of "Put You In A Song." Instantly the crowd was to it's feet. He followed "Put You In A Song" with "You Gonna Fly," my personal favorite on the new album, a very touching version of "Without You," and then a sweet sweet version of "Long Hot Summer." Keith then introduced his summer tour opener, Jake Owen, for a duet to "Don't Think I Can't Love You," pictured above. The duet absolutely knocked my socks off as Jake Owen REALLY has some pipes, and of course Keith was flawless as well. Unlike most of this other concerts, Keith went out into the crowd not for "You Look Good In My Shirt," but "Better Life." The energy in LP Field was insane. The entire crowd was singling along to every word and even participated in Keith's "Hello World, Wish You Were Here" sing along.

Needless to say Keith really KILLED IT and made me even more excited than I was before for my 9-stop Keith Urban summer tour. Everyone around me at the concert probably thought I was a psycho because I was COMPLETELY rocking out the entire time. It was so hot in Nashville last night it literally looked like I took a shower after his performance because I was so sweaty. Again, the man of my dreams did not disappoint.. Will post more photos as soon as I get them!

Viva la Keith!