Sunday, July 24, 2011

Awesome Keith Review...

Earlier this week I got a facebook message sent to me from one of my sister's friends. She explained at the beginning of the e-mail how she and her friend, Nick, from Philadelphia often swap "long, newsy, rambling" e-mails with one another. This week, this just so happened to be what he wrote....

"So, Friday night I went to a concert with my buddy Steve from school. We saw Keith Urban, who might be better known as Mr. Nicole Kidman. Oh. My. Goodness. Can this man put on a show? I don’t know that I have seen two hours of higher energy than the herculean effort he put in. There is such a difference between artists and performers. Often, Urban left the stage to interact with the audience. The concert was in the same arena that houses the Sixers and Flyers, so the stage is set up at one end of the “ice” and it would cover that side of the building, from board to board. (It’s okay to explain in hockey terms to people from Boston because the Bruins have been welcomed back into the sport family with the Stanley Cup win.) There was also a smaller platform out around center ice, where he went a few times to play, just walking through the crowd like an ordinary person. That was really cool. But what took the cake was late in the show when he left the stage, went to about where the far face off circles would be, made a right and walked halfway up into a section of seats. Here, someone set up a mic next to an aisle seat. He politely asked the young lady who had that seat if he could borrow that chair for a moment, stood on the arm rests, and played his song from there. When it was over, he took a harpie from his pocket, signed his guitar, and gave it to the girl who sacrificed her seat. On the big screen, you could see her say incredulously, “Is this mine?” He nodded and ran back to the stage, where the tech had a new guitar waiting for him. It was just one of those things that you felt like, even if he did this every night, this was something unique, like the most important thing in his life was giving the ticket buyers a show worth every last cent of the ticket they paid. Because of that effort, I’ve put him on my list of “must go” concerts whenever he is in town. It’s a short list, but there are some acts that you just don’t miss live."

After receiving that e-mail, Hilary then sent him back, "Wait a minute! Wells Fargo in Philly, this past Friday?! Do you remember the first girl who got pulled up on stage to sing 'Kiss a Girl'?? I know her!!!"

And Nick writes back: "You mean Katie from New Hampshire?"

HOLY SHIT is really all I have to say. First of all, how cool that he went to the concert and that he literally wrote probably the greatest KU review of all time. Secondly...HE REMEMBERED MY NAME AND WHERE I'M FROM!?!?! INSANE! I think this officially means that I'm famous in the world of KU. Thanks again, Keith, for making my dreams come true. Thanks also to Hilary for sending me this AWESOME cool, you have no idea.

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