Friday, August 6, 2010

Ten Prime Keith Urban Hits

CMT News recently published an article distinguishing Keith's top 10 hits as defined by staff members Craig Shelburne, Christopher Parton, Stephanie Pendergrass and Calvin Gilbert. The group identifies Keith as taking "a more subtle approach, building his career largely on songs of optimism, personal freedom and a mostly idealistic view of love and romantic relationships." These are the exact characteristics that make women across the world not only fall in love with Keith, but with his songs as well. I, myself, have experienced this love for Keith for many years now, which only intensifies during heartbreak.

The top ten songs are as follows:
Better Life
But for the Grace of God
Days Go By
I Told You So
Making Memories of Us
Raining on Sunday
Somebody Like You
Stupid Boy
Til Summer Comes Around
You'll Think of Me

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