Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming!

As most of you know, I work at the Texas Roadhouse, and today while I was at work I noticed WOKQ's Mark Ericson sitting by himself at a table. Having had my KU video shown live on their morning radio show and on their facebook page, I HAD to go over and say thank you. I went over and said, "Hi Mark, I hate to bother you, but I have to thank you for watching my video - I'm New Hampshire's biggest Keith Urban fan." IMMEDIATELY he knew exactly who I was, and 100% remembered my video - WOOHOO! I talked to him a bit about the video and how impressed he was at my video skills (thanks for teaching me KJ). We got talking about how I had just gotten back from Nashville and how I'm looking to move there in Nashville and he asked why. NOW WAS MY CHANCE TO PITCH RIVER CITY GANG!!!! I started telling about RCG and how awesome they are. I also told him how I hoped I'd get a job with them in the future, and that I'm working at TRH pretty much non-stop right now to save up to move to Nashville.

What was utterly insane to me is that he seemed as interested to talk to me as I was interested to talk to him - INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE! After completely pitching RCG and telling him that once they're big one day he's gonna say, "MAN, that server at the roadhouse was right," I went to take care of my tables. As I went out back I begged one of my managers to go look for my RCG CD in my car. Naturally I carry around an extra in the event that Mark came in to eat. OF COURSE she couldn't find it, so I went out myself...yep...sorry tables, I have more important things to tend to! Thankfully I found in the CD in about 2 seconds, and KNEW I had to give it to Mark before he left. I kept looking over at his table while I was getting drinks and every time he was looking right at me...NUTS! Finally I went back over to the table and said, "I have's the CD...please listen to it." I start to walk away and he goes, "wait, I have something for you." There it was...he handed me over his business card. He must have been waiting for me to come back over to the table because it was face up on the table waiting for me. He said to give him a call and that he'd love to get to talk to me more and to give me a tour and see what business opportunities were available for me. In essence, he made me feel like he might actually offer me a job.

Needless to say, I emailed him when I got home from work and I look forward to chatting with him in the future.

I hope so badly he listened to RCG's CD on his way surreal!

Thanks Mark Ericson for making my day!

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