Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eric Church at Mohegan Sun

After going to the Opry on Tuesday to see Eric Church, I flew home to see him 2 more times on Friday and Sunday...that's right, Church 3 times in one week - BOOyeah!

 Sydney and I drove to Mohegan Sun and had a ton of fun catching up with everything on the way there. When we got there we stopped to use the massage chairs at Brookstone, eat some mashed potatoes at the food court, and get some candy at the AMAZING candy story in the casino. After that we went to assess the line situation since we had PIT tickets. There were only 4 people in line, so we decided to stand there and wait it out with them to get the greatest odds of the PERFECT seat at the concert.

 While we were in line one of the guys in EC's crew came out to talk with us. I had met him one night at the guys' gig at Second Fiddle and we've kept into contact since. He's a super nice guy and he chatted it up with us for a good hour or so. He even brought us some EC picks to keep - THANKS BUDDY!

As we went into the arena we literally got the best (in my opinion) seats possible. I was literally at the corner of where the stage meets the catwalk. The opener for the show was very...unique? Totally not what I was expecting because Church is so badass. He was more of a folk singer, kind of like Hayes Carll, but older...and it was just kind of an odd match up with EC.

After going to the bathroom and solidifying our spot, Church came out. BOY does he do a crazy show. He's unlike Keith in that Keith is more intimate with the crowd and is more interactive. Church is just a huge ball of energy. His concert is the most intense concert I've ever been to (yes, the pyrotechnics help) and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. Throughout the show he kept on looking at me because I was just RAGING with his songs. Obviously I knew every single song since he's my #2 man, and it was clear that he took notice.

Throughout the show I kept waiting for him to play "These Boots" because everyone in the crowd puts their boots in the air and sings along. As soon as I heard the countdown during the encore I KNEW it was time. I whipped off my right boot in a hurry and was the first one to throw it in the air. As he sang the song, he stared RIGHT at me and just poured his heart out. As he got to the last verse he stepped away from the microphone and pointed RIGHT at me and said, "GIMME YOUR BOOT!" HOLY SHIT - Eric Church was choosing MY boot out of everyone in the whole audience to sing with - HELLO Heaven! He grabbed my incredibly warn boot and tried to get it to stand up straight to sing the song with and hilariously made the comment that he "couldn't keep it up" - SO my kind of humor. He sang the song holding my boot in the air and changed the last words of the song to "This beat up old New England boot!" I was literally DYING. Thankfully I was able to get the whole thing on video! At the end of the song he dropped his pick in the boot, SIGNED it, and threw it back at me - HOLY SHIT!

This was literally the COOLEST thing that could ever happen to a fan at an Eric Church concert. I'm so glad he takes time to notice who his TRUE fans are in the audience and rewards them for knowing every single song. Thanks, EC, for making my whole week! I can't wait to see another killer performance from you tomorrow!!

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