Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keith's Grand Ole Opry Induction

I know this is a little late, but Keith's Opry induction was absolutely AMAZING. Mom, Dad, and I left on a Friday to head down to Nashville for the week. Naturally we left earlier than we had originally anticipated to get to see his induction - how could I possibly miss that? After checking into the Opryland Hotel and having dinner, I was off to show #1 - his actual induction. This time I went by myself and I was the first row in the balcony because the seats sold out in about five seconds. I was a crying wreck, let me tell you. I knew I would be emotional, but had no idea I would be THAT emotional. Trace Adkins and Josh Turner ended up also playing that night and helped present Keith with his induction plaque. Keith was AMAZING that night and did the most heartfelt acceptance speech I've ever heard. I love how much he respects his fans and how grateful he is of every single person who's made him the person he is today. Toward the beginning of the show you could tell he was super nervous, but by the end he was his normal self. Afters how numero uno, Mom and Dad met me for the second show (OF COURSE I was going to both shows). Both of them had never been to the Opry before, so this was an excellent first time! This time we had seats 10 rows from the stage, so it was a MUCH better vantage point. Mom and Dad LOVED it there and were really impressed with Josh Turner's live performance (they already knew how amazing Keith was). Needless to say it was an amazing night that I will never forget. I'm so glad I was there for the most important night in Keith's country career thus far. Way to go Keith, I'm so proud of you <3

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